Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A low-fat article on "belief"

A low-fat article on "belief"

If "belief" is the word which equates to what we stand for, and this is commonly the case when speaking in common circles, than we'd each do well to have a ready answer to a frequently asked question, "What do you believe? (...or 'believe-in' as religionists will often say it.)

Richard carrier has put some serious effort into reducing down what he sees as the garden variety of "atheist belief" - and, dissatified by the obvious negative "There are no gods," he concentrates on the positive. So what are they?

Here's a low-fat article that gives quick incite to Richard's ideas on the subject and I think he's struck some nails soundly on the head with it: What an atheist ought to stand for

Having a willingness to doubt, to make honest inquiry, to follow logical thinking methods, to cautiously apply value upon everything one knows and to pursue happiness: these are Richards bottom lines. Read it for yourself to see if you agree.

Richard Carrier is scheduled to make an address at Skepticons II on November 20th - 21st at the campus of Missouri State University, Springfield. He'll be sharing the spotlight with PZ Myers, Rebecca Watson, Joe Nickell, DJ Grothe, Victor Stenger, Robert M. Price, and Dan Barker, along with local presenters Dr. Mark Richter and JT Eberhard. (Don't miss it!)

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