Saturday, November 14, 2009

Group + Group + Group = Coordinated Groups

Group + Group + Group = Coordinated Groups

I've recently gotten together with some people in my home state of Arkansas - atheist people - and we're planning to do what others have already done: get organize.

There is no obligation, financial or otherwise ... United CoR's efforts are cooperative and supplementary to the work already being done by national and local nontheistic organizations.
United CoR (United Coalition of Reason) has gotten our attention. They're one of the nationwide organizations who have been putting up billboards, and Arkansas is looking in CoR's direction to lend a helping hand. That's what United CoR does according to their website; and, according to the groups who have already sought help from CoR, Chicago, Cleveland-Akron, San Diego, Colorado, Arizona, Boston, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Morgantown, Dallas-Ft.Worth, Houston and others, they do what they do very, very well.

I certainly plan to share our experience with CoR from here in Arkansas with everyone interested in doing something similar in their own home state. The aim, of course, is to share what works. And since the people at Cor apparently have a few clues on what works, Arkansas is ready to learn them. I hope I'll be finding out what the first of those clues are in the next few weeks.

I do know this part... The beginning steps are easy enough: find out where groups near your area are located, contact them and make a plan to work together for the good of all; and then, make a call or send an email to United Coalition of Reason. The details are as simple as that and they're posted on the United CoR's website.

Watch for additional installments on this subject, and I hope your local group will soon decide to join in with others to organize and publicize non-religion.


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