Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Amplify your atheism

Amplify your atheism

This looks like a good tool for spreading the word of atheism - ""

Getting the news out to everyone sometimes has its tough going. Our blogging community has to be thanked for doing all of us that good service, and now we can all pitch in. and have recently been elevated to use by congress... yup, that's right! Congress is now posting some of its most controversial news and issues on public access sites and forwarding tid bits and clips to social sites like Twitter and Facebook. Lately they've been posting excerpts from the current health care reform debates. That's good news to know and we can all get involved in the debate. But although health care is an important issue to me (as it probably is to all of us) there are other issues, too, atheist issues, popping up in my mind.

Web tools like Amplify and sites like OpenCongress may come in handy for all interested atheists in time and perhaps we'd be wise to get more familiar with them now. The "Amplify" application is easy to use and OpenCongress allows tracking of specific issues and congressmen. Check it out.

Perhaps when the time gets around to debating tax reform again, we may be able to add in our two cents worth and try to even-up the score a tad with regard to "religious exemptions" ... and who knows, the next time "In God We Trust" enters into question, like weather it ought to be used when redesigning the back-side of a dollar bill, our atheist voices might finally be amplified enough to count.

Let's hope... and let's all take action.

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