Monday, November 16, 2009

Coming Out Equals Gaining Liberty

Coming Out Equals Gaining Liberty

For anyone who's faced the prospects of divulging his up-'til-that-moment secret of disbelief in gods to either a close friend or a family member, there is a world of anticipated trauma, anxiety and dread to carry around - a very heavy burden, in deed. And what is the cost of carrying that burden? Silence. Keeping silent on matters of ones personal beliefs comes at the high cost of yielding away ones most precious freedom, the right to openly speak an opinion.

Yet, just as one anticipates the possible traumas which may surround confessing his heretofore unspoken atheist thoughts, there exists a parallel plane of knowing that once divested of his secret, freedom awaits, and one can finally know liberty. And it is in that certainty of knowing such impending joy is at hand, of knowing it is possible and real, that the courage to move ahead drives us to seek openness fully in order to realize our own liberation, to often, from long-held years of silence.

What's at stake? What is the price of openly speaking ones mind? Sometimes its plenty but usually not.

A popular Twitter personality and blogger of Godless Girl, has written an account of her recent profession for atheism, titling the piece "I Came Out." Its worthy of a look and I encourage that what follows will likely be just as worthy since it is from what comes next that we will hopefully see and hear how she's benefited by her newly claimed liberty. Just one look at the photo attached to the article is already telling a lot.

Congrats, Godless Girl.

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