Tuesday, February 2, 2010

National Prayer Breakfast: Who should attend...?

Who should attend...?

The National Prayer Breakfast, an event that was initiated by Reverend Billy Graham and has taken place since the early fifties, is scheduled to happen again ... the bacon is on the grill.

I'm opposed to this kind of public display of Christianity by our nations leaders and I've sent the following letter to President Obama.  Perhaps you should send one, too.

Dear Mr. President,

I urge you to take the right step with regard to the upcoming National Prayer Breakfast.  Please disassociate yourself and your high office as our nation's president from taking part in this event.  It is clearly bias in favor of Christianity and it neglects the non-religious community entirely.

Our nation must depend on you to set an example showing that church/state separation is a seriously important matter and one that needs to become a strictly held-to policy in the minds and actions of all public officials.

Please refuse taking part in the National Prayer Breakfast.

Thank you.

I have given you every trust with my vote.

Readers, I ask you: What would you think of a Nation Chant Breakfast...?  Act now.  Email your opinion to President Obama (http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact)

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