Saturday, February 6, 2010

On-the-ground groups at work:

On-the-ground groups at work:

Some groups are really getting into the game.  They're writing alerts and letting their voices be heard.  And that's what on-the-ground groups are made for.

Since the recent news that a federal judge ruled Forsyth Co. N.C. was in violation of the US Constitution for opening their meetings with sectarian prayers, our on-the-ground atheist groups have gotten busy.  Here's what they're doing and here's how your group can make a difference.

City councils who are suspect of violating prayer-at-meetings law or those who employ regular non-sectarian invocations need to be called out.  Taking a page from a heads-up group near my home town in Fayetteville, Arkansas, I'll pass on what might be just the thing for your local group.

Most city councils meet only a few times a month, but even so, it would be a difficult job for any single atheist activist to monitor every meeting held... Team up!  Dividing the task of attending meetings "to watchdog" your public officials will make the task of discovering wrong-doing a great deal more efficient.  Additionally, since all council meetings are public, a record in one form or another is kept of each one.  Whoa...  Those records are public property and they can be checked at leisure for evidence that church/state prayer violations have occurred.  Once again, team up!  An entire year of record searching would be quite a burden for a single activist, but a group can do it in no time at all.  Ask for volunteers.  Happy hunting.

"Take a bite out of crime."  Organize the watchdog volunteers from your group.  The law is on our side.

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