Monday, February 8, 2010

Group tip 101 - A Tool for Organizing

Group tip 101 - A Tool for Organizing

There are times when distance and travel make meeting up and organizing locally (or even on a grand scale) take second place to doing nothing at all.  Here's a tip that can help solve the problem.  Dimdim.

Taking a page out of the big business corporate world handbook, groups can easily coordinate meetings through online video/voice conferencing just as the the big boys do.  (Move over Microsoft, Belkin and Boeing.)  Organizing group-to-group, statewide, region-wide or locally within a group no longer means that anyone has to travel that extra mile (or that extra hundred miles) to meet-up for planning and shareng their talents.  Leaders from groups in the far reaching corners of even the largest state can take part regularly in what's happening at the Capitol city.  This is an awesome reality.

Dimdim offers a public license open source program that's got all the bells and whistles of the high priced video conferencing services like Cisco's WebEx... but it's basic program is absolutely free.  No crazy downloads that are impossible to install... no limited time trials... no extra software or equipment... (  Still, I'll be purchasing a higher-end pro package - no doubt! )

The basic package is FREE.

Take a good look at this excellent organizing tool and learn to use it to improve your group's communications, event planning and collaborative projects.  It even makes a nice "substitute meeting" when bad weather threatens to close in on your regular face-to-face meetup.

Try it... you'll be glad you did.


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