Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bigger and bigger and bigger:

Bigger and bigger and bigger:

Occasionally its good to take stock.  Atheism and the secular movement in America have come a long way and that's good for everyone.

What once seemed like cat herding has been getting to be an easier task... the cats are finding comfortable front porches all by themselves.  Put up a sign - "Freethinkers meeting" - and new atheists are willing to flock to it like cats to the smell of fish heads. One after another, cities and towns are coordinating.  National organizations are finding it easier to pay the bills and change for the better is happening.  But we're not done yet.

If you aren't part of an on-the-ground group, join one.  If your nearby group isn't near enough to join, start a new one. 

Become an activist for social change and help keep religion out of government.  We are today's patriots.  We are "liberty and justice for all".

Now, everyone, let" get cookin'.

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