Sunday, February 7, 2010

Group tips 101 - groups-within-the-group

Group tips 101 - groups-within-the-group

Most atheist groups have a regular meetup time, usually just once a week to "meet-n-eat" or "meet-n-drink" ... that's not enough!

The trouble is often on the part of the group leaders for trying to keep the group together and focused on a single set of ideas.  Better leadership knows a better way.

Find the groups-within-the-group. For example, identify those who are interested in reviewing books or those who are interested in broadcasting a cable TV program, or those who like to coffee-clutch with friends, etc. and get them turned on to doing the things they like best.  Cut them loose to meet on separate days however they need to and let them do their thing.  Don't worry group leaders.  Your little group will continue to gather with the bunch; and when they do give them room to tell about what they've been up to. 

No group has a single personality or a single primary interest - that's a fact.  The way to get the most out of a group is for the leaders to recognize this and to assist organizing clutches and clusters from within the group.  The groups-within-the-group will be glad for being recognized as valuable and the greater group will grow because of it.

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