Friday, January 29, 2010

Separation is a must in a democracy:

Separation is a must in a democracy:

Have you considered why church and state don't mix?  let's do that now.

The kind of good government we're all use to enjoying here in the US is called a democracy.  That means the people make the laws through representation - we, the people, are the first and the final word in all decisions of law making.  Churches don't work that way. 

In religion, the final word on everything is left to church elders, scripture, religious laws, Popes and gods (and of the gods... they're only heard from when they're spoken for and interpreted by the priests - ordinary men and women).  It works this way: religions are essentially organized as top-down governments.  Its true.  They're best compared to dictatorships where all the rules are imposed, top down, upon the bottom tier of members, the faithful followers. Those who sit at the top of the heap dictate to the bottom.

Moreover, religion and democracy don't mix for another reason.  Unlike our constitutional government, a representative government which is designed to allow churches to function within its open society, religions are unprepared to reciprocate and do likewise.  Religions are entirely intolerant of the democratic process - they just aren't made for.  Think it over... Are the members of a church given the right to choose what their gods are allowed to demand?  As an example, could they elect to add or subtract specific items from the ten commandments?  Of course not; and it is this kind of basic difference of structure, a difference over who makes the rules, that cause religions to be entirely unsuitable as a partner in democracy.

Give this topic some additional though on your own time, if you will.  And then, please step forward to join the secular society that stands firmly together keeping religion out of government.   

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