Friday, January 15, 2010

Those who would be President:

Those who would be President:

Pat Robertson did his best to rally the faithful behind his presidential bid back in 1988 and even beat George Bush Sr in the Iowa Republican caucuses... Holy Cows!

But guess what?  He was just as flaky then as he is today and fortunately a somewhat more reasonable voting public recognized that good ole Pat, even with God in his heart, was a lousy choice to put in the chief executive's seat of the world's only super power nation.  Thank the goodness of reason for that, eh?  The voters made the right choice and this week's comment from Pat Robertson (video) (that Haitians brought on themselves and deserved God's wrath as payment for their sins) should serve as a stark reminder to us all that weeding out flakes and over-the-top wacko presidential hopefuls is a very serious business.

And what's coming down the road that we ought to take a serious Pat Robertson-type look at... hmm?  How about Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee?

Good gosh! It's Pat all over again.

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