Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Holy stamps... This is unbelievable!

Holy stamps... This is unbelievable!

Yup... you're seeing it correctly.  That's a US postage stamp and its honoring a famous religious figure, Mother Teresa.

Does that bother you?  It bothers me!

The United States postal service is a government branch and it is subject to all the same church state separation laws set by the US constitution and the law.  Additionally, the post office's own criteria of regulations for choosing appropriate commemorative candidates for honoring on stamps clearly says that it will not print stamps that "honor religious institutions or individuals whose principal achievements are associated with religious undertakings or beliefs." 

What the...?  Did someone at the post office forget how to read or are they to dense to realize that even little kids know Mother Teresa became famous for doing 'Gods work' and that she was  a Roman Catholic nun.  She's even been honored by the Pope, for goodness sakes.  What could be more obvious?

Com'on guys and girls (and I don't mean just the atheists either...)   Isn't it about time for everyone to make some noise and do some complaining over the extraordinary special privileges religions are getting... and all at the cost of the tax payer. 

This is just plain WRONG!


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