Tuesday, January 19, 2010

LOL ... This pure Christian silliness.

LOL ... This pure Christian silliness.

An ABC news article on January 18th 2010 reported that a supplier of military quality weapon targeting telescopes has been inscribing a coded religious message embedded into the model number of every device he has manufactured and sold to the United States government.  The supplier is Trijicon Incorporated of Wixom, Michigan.

Good gosh. How silly is this?

It is not within the US military's policy to purchase items that tout religious slogans or messages and now they are in a quandary over what to do.  A supplier (and one who was likely aware of the government's attitude of religious neutrality) has craftily slipped one past them.  What to do..? What to do..?

I certainly don't understand the quirky Christian habit of inscribing odds and ends religious messages on everything in sight and on everything that can't say "no" or how a Christian might think that doing so will bring them special blessings from their god or from their fellow god-believing buddies.  I guess it all comes down to being some sort of cheap advertising gimmick, like that of the too familiar "Trust Jesus" graffiti found on bathroom walls, overpasses and bridges and back alley garage doors.  We've all come to dislike this sort of thing so much over the past half century but what can be done about it?  When will enough be enough?

I hope the government makes an issue of this case... honestly.  This is just way over-the-top too silly.  

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