Monday, April 26, 2010

Who should answer...? Who will answer...?

I'm a little frustrated by the apparent apathy and disregard for keeping the record straight on one simple question of the day - or rather on an important question of the age.  It isn't at all uncommon to hear words of "Our country was founded as a Christian nation" spilling from the mouths of politicians on the public stage, the media and especially from little guys on the streets.  And that's just humbug!

Mis-information, widespread misinformation, is dangerous.

The United States has achieved great things in a little more than two hundred years and at least a part of that success has to be attributed to a past which held a healthy attitude for living the original national motto "E. Pluribus Unum" - Out of many, one.  Today, things are different.  The original national motto has given way to become "In God We Trust"...  Our currency, except for the one dollar bill, no longer bares the original motto, failing to give an accurate reflection of where we came from and why we've done so well.  What's wrong with this picture?

Isn't it time to set the record straight?  Shouldn't the nations historians be heard from on the simple question of our nation's founding?  Our college professors have remained far to silent. The media fails to attend to seeking out facts.  Where is the open debate?  Who holds the keys to unlock this silence and bring the truth to light - to BRIGHT LIGHT!

The floor of congress has heard only sparse debate on the subject a year ago when engraving "In God We Trust" on a wall in the Capitol Visitors Center was a week-long hot potato.  But since then, nothing.  The experts weren't called upon - not then and not since.  Why not?  And how much longer must we wait for people of integrity on all tiers of society to rise to the top and demand that attention must be directed to ending the ignorance?  This is a simple question of fact and it must be answered in simple terms for all to know.

We are NOT a Christian nation.  And it's time to shout it clearly from the roof tops. 
. Who should answer...?  Who will answer...?

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