Friday, April 2, 2010

ffrf Forum:

Here's a link worthy of a bookmark.  It's something every concerned atheist/secular activist ought to get tied into: ffrf Forum.  It's the way to stay on top of the most important atheism related legal issues around the country.  If there's news having to do with anything about church/state separation, you're likely to find its being talked about here.

The Forum format is divided into topic threads and that makes it easy to follow a specific subject as well as exchange opinions directly with other interested activists.  Check it out.  This is one of the very best organized communication tools the non-religious community has to offer and neglecting to link up to it can only cost you the price of remaining uninformed.  I urge you to click the above link and get on board.

Join ffrf, subscribe to its news letters, listen to the weekly radio broadcasts by Dan Barker and link-up to ffrf Forum.  We'll all gain something when you do.
. ffrf Forum:

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