Sunday, April 4, 2010

A better world.

Occasionally I get philosophical... pragmatically so, and this is one of those moments.  Today I'm stuck on the question "What would make the world a better place for everyone, my own world and everyone else's world, too?"

I tend to think that if we would each focus on the simple things we need, we'd easily come up with a few new ideas (and some old ones, too) that could actually happen to benefit everyone while harming no one.  How about concentrating on things like clean water and food, for example?  Imagine it...  If there was always a ready supply of simple nutrition available - free for the taking - wouldn't the world be a nicer place?  Think Raman noodles... Gosh, how much could that cost?

In the US, people seldom give much thought to needing food, but in fact there exists a marginalized segment of our own American neighbors who live just above the starvation crest most the time.  They have to make hard choices in order to get by.  And as for having something that's soooo necessary to life - how about having available clean water -cost free running water?  Isn't it a crime that there really are a great numbers of American families who face water shut-off month after month after month.

The nation is about to move ahead with health care reform - socialized medical care.  It's something that everyone needs and something that will actually benefit each of us in the long run.  In deed, the nation ought to be thinking about solving a few additional problems by the same method, socialization, right along with health care. 

All the basics as universally necessary to all of us as these are should be as high up on the list of things to do as they can possibly be.  Do that, and the world will be a little better for everyone. 
. A better world.

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