Saturday, April 24, 2010

Scorned and pissed-off about it:

The religiously lead battle wages on for official recognition on anything and everything having to do with government.

Our nation was begun as an experiment in government whereby the people were meant to be the highest voice of authority when deciding rule of law.  Religion, and as well royalty, were scorned - marginalized and effectively set aside from participation in the process.

Royalty had no recourse.  It bowed to the will of the people without a fuss when the American colonies defeated it militarily.  Religion, on the other hand, geared itself up to fight on and to undermin the right of the people to govern on their own. It has been doing so ever since.

Throughout the history of the US we have seen landmark insurgencies upon secular authority.  Like stamps and trademarks and like spray painted gang graffiti marking turf, religion has set a pattern to make itself appear as included into our ruling body.  The enacted "Thanksgiving Day" celebration was one of the earliest of this kind of tactic.  "In God We Trust" cast on coinage came along as another assault in the 1860s and later in the 1950s found its way to being printed on currency and to be recognized as a national motto.  The words "under God" were inserted into the pledge of allegiance at around the same time.  And today, the nations Capital Visitors Center is prominently decorated by the same words engraved in its walls.

And a current battle wages... a somewhat smaller struggle yet one that is of the same cloth. It's happened in the state of Oklahoma.  Automobile license plates bearing the motto "In God We Trust" are now available there, but it took an action of a very few people and a giant step by a single religiously lead individual to get there.  Nonetheless, the scorned and pissed-off religious sector of society has once again made another mark of "officially appearing recognition" by government. It has won another small day.... almost.

Fortunately for Oklahoma and for the nation, there is a counter.  The contralateral  message "In Reason We Trust" is also being made available.  Order your own license here: In Reason We Trust.
. Scorned and pissed-off about it:

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  1. Oooh if only I lived in the US i could get one. Haha. I cant believe people are so eager to advertise there every thought and belief to everyone, but not just advertise also proselytise. It is like bumper stickers. Glad a counter is available - my counter would be to put the darwin fish on their cars every time you see such a plate.



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