Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Loaded message email:

It's been the case for email ever since email began that a continuous rash of religiously loaded misinformation and propaganda has been created and passed around as knee-jerk reactions by a thoughtless bunch of computer users - parrots, every one of them.  I received another one a short while ago.  It was a collection of attractive photos punctuated by a series of statements and questions that culminated in a "conclusion" that God gave us a beautiful world. 


I don't usually respond in any way to this relentless barrage of tripe.  I usually just click "delete" and go on about my business.  Today I was in a slightly different mood, I guess, because that changed.  This time I responded.

My retort was brief and to the point: (speaking to the sender) "Emailing loaded messages to me will not help you overcome your personal doubts.  I am not a part of your problems.  In the future, you'll have to deal with yourself directly.  Stop forwarding God-loaded propaganda to my inbox."

I hope it works... for the sake of my own peace. (...and screw the sender.)
. Loaded message email:

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