Friday, April 16, 2010

It ain't over yet...

I couldn't be more pleased with the wisdom of a single person than I am by that shown in Judge Crabb of Wisconsin over her ruling on the National Day of Prayer.  She gave the question a thorough going over right down to its 1952 origin and decided correctly that it amounted to a clear violation of church/state separation, an act of religious establishment by congress which is prohibited under the the first amendment.  It's to bad that for 58 years this question was overlooked.

I applaud Freedom From Religion Foundation for bringing the case before the court and judge Crabb for hearing it favorably.

Now it's up to our president to decide whether to abide by the judges ruling immediately and ignore the usually heralded first Thursday of May or to cower under pressure to political prudence and add-in one last officially sanctioned Presidential proclamation for a day of prayer.  There is a 30 day stay before the ruling is effective and President Obama has every right to act on his own.  It's also up to the White House to decide if it will appeal the case since the President himself was a losing party in the suit.  That, too, has a 30 day window.

This thing isn't over yet... it ought to be, but it isn't.
.It ain't over yet...     

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