Thursday, December 17, 2009

What's your opinion? Cast your vote..!

What's your opinion? Cast your vote..!

A controversy here in the Land of the Free is currently being settled across the country, case by case.  The question: Does the winter holiday season, December, belong to everyone in cases where government and public property are involved?

In my home state of Arkansas, according to the courts, it apparently does.  A two year struggle between Arkansas Society of Freethinkers and the State of Arkansas has culminated in a decision.  This year, for the first time, a holiday display that competes with the traditional "single-view" Christmas display consisting of a manger and a tree has been given space on the Arkansas State Capital grounds to display its holiday message along side "what everyone expect to see," Christmas.

Did the judge decide correctly?  Should space on public property be made available for displays that differ from the traditional "Christmas decorations"?

You can answer if you act quickly.... The local news media wants to know.  Search the left hand column of this link and look for "Your Opinion": VOTE

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