Monday, December 7, 2009

On Atheist Activism:

On Atheist Activism:

Defining the aims of atheist activism has come up as a topic in the past few days.  Gretta Christian's and vjack's blogs have spoken on it and I want to add my two cents since I don't completely agree with either one of them.

Let me begin with Gretta's ideas.  Simply put, she touts that an atheist activists ought to aim to tear down religion and god-belief straight to their foundations and abolish them. Her aim is for a religion-free world.  Vjack takes a softer approach as seem in his definition.

Atheist activism refers to the process of promoting atheism through activities such as promoting a worldview free from gods, reducing the privileged status of religion in society, and promoting atheist civil rights.

While I can't say that I disagree entirely with either Gretta or vjack on all counts, I disagree with each enough to quibble.

I strongly support atheist involvement in all walks of life and I personally encourage non-believers to become involved and active.  Atheist activism as I see it (and as I practice it) is merely taking steps to give venue to atheist opinions... to all atheist opinions.  I try to take care not to narrow which atheist opinions ought to be given top priority but rather to simply encourage the sounding of atheist voices.

My own voice is certainly not one that I wish to muzzle nor would I like being told what to think - I have my own opinions and I reserve the right to state them.  And herein is where I differ with both Gretta and vjack.  My personal style of atheist activism is merely to help organize the stage for atheists to speak their minds. I prefer to promote, preserve and protect the liberty of atheist individuals and organizations without regard for any specific "atheist aims".

Let atheists define the aims of atheism... let atheist activists provide the stage.

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