Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Oh my, look at who still doesn't get it... Bill O'Reily

Oh my, look at who still doesn't get it...

Bill O'Reilly is far a drift on plenty of things, but on the Humanist winter celebration, he's outdone himself and is hopelessly lost at sea.  Read his full "Bah.. humbug" painting of atheists and Humanists here: Have Yourself a Godless Little Christmas

Mr O'Reily... do your journalistic homework.  Humanists have quite a nice little holiday celebration and we like it.  The symbols and whatnot used as reminders to celebrate are commonplace among us... even Santa gets a nod right along side Happy Human and our Human Light decorations.  You, Mr O'Reily, are apparently seeing only what you'd like to see.  It's time to wake up, sir.  Happiness and celebration are things that happen even in the absence of Jesus.

Happy Holiday to all... You, too, Bill.

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