Sunday, December 6, 2009

Its time to get the word out:

Its time to get the word out:

I've been as thrilled as I can be by one of the unexpected results of attending last month's highlighted events - Skepticons II.  That result is the very strong possibility of a similar event following suit in Joplin this coming spring - Four State FreeThought Convention.

A handful of group leaders sat themselves down for breakfast on the second morning of Skepticons and did a little brainstorming.  That brainstorming session is still happening and its fruit has grown into creating the first of what is likely to become an annual convention style meeting of Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas freethinking groups.  Whoopie...!

A Facebook page has been created to organize the ground workers for the event and it's been actively doing so right from the start.  Check it out to get involved.

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