Saturday, December 26, 2009



Now that the 25th of December has come and gone we'll have the opportunity to enjoy a lasting peace.  Bill Donahou's War on Christmas has ended once more. And good riddance.  Perhaps Bill will have the clarity of mind to neglect declaring the next offensive in 2010.  Let's hope.

I have a though to share in the mean time.  That the "War on Christmas" is a misnomer and a divisive one at that.  What we've all just survived has not been a war "on" Christmas but rather it was the seasonal war "of" Christmas.  Year after year it is nothing less than the same old  persistently self-serving Christian attitude that the Christian Christmas Holiday is so exceptionally special it must be observed reverently by everyone ... Bah Humbug!

When next November and December come knocking, I hope this simple message will be remembered: The winter season belongs equally to everyone; Christmas does not.

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