Sunday, December 6, 2009

A local Holiday dispute: Settled

A local Holiday dispute: Settled

The residents of Little Rock, Arkansas, had better prepare themselves to be rocked this holiday season thanks to the efforts of its Central Arkansas freethinging and skeptic groups.  The dispute over weather or not atheists would be allowed to place a holiday display on the state capitol grounds along side the familiar Christian tree was a two year long struggle that has finally settled.  Upon hearing the decision, Leewood Thomas, an atheist group member and one of the projects chief contributors exclaimed: "Hip Hip Hooray!!! State Capitol here we come!"

The last stages of the battle for equal representation were finally fought between Arkansas's Secretary of State and the local ACLU chapter as the story begin to raise broader interest, reaching media agencies online and on the air.  Fayetteville CATV producer, Donald Morton, of FreeThought NWA said of the decision, "How ironic.  We covered this issue in a taped show at same hour and the same day it was being settled."

To view the display, visit its website at: Arkansas Society of Freethinkers or wait a week or two and visit the real deal on the Little Rock Capitol Building grounds.  It will be there.

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