Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Getting at the real deal:

God-believers... try this.  Whether you are a Jew a Muslim or a Christian (including Catholics and Mormons,) this is a "must do" exercise for all of you who wish to think of yourselves as being true to your belief.  (I include Muslims in this Bible reading exercise simply because it is a religion as grounded in the Biblical God, the God of Abraham, as much as all the others and without which it could not exist.) 

Right now, re-read and reconsider your thoughts about the first four words of the Bible - actually only the first three  will be necessary for most of you, if you are honest.  "In the beginning, God..."

If you haven't examined "In the beginning..." for its suggested meaning, its implications, do so now.  Do you actually see any reason to think that a true beginning ever was?  Is it true - could it be possible - that there was once a starting point before which nothing - absolutely nothing - was?  (Even the Big Bang Theory rejects the notion of a "beginning".)  Did everything that is (including your god if you believe that way) pop up from nothing as these words imply?  Do you have any real experience or knowledge of anything at all from nature , from your own life or from the experience of others (other than this biblical proposed beginning) of anything real and tangible actually popping up out of nothing...?  Has even science found anything - even the slightest thing - to suggest that something could possibly come for absolutely nothing - arising from no precursors at all?

In fact "In the beginning..." is quite a preposterous notion.  It is so highly unlikely that a "beginning" from nothing could have been or ever occurred that choosing to read on to the next word of the Bible, "God", is moot.... quite pointless.

Think about it... religious beliefs are not grounded upon anything real.  Not even from their beginning, beginning with the words "In the beginning..."  Religion fails to adequately explain the reality of nature and of our being a small part of it.  It's time to set religious nonsense aside.

.Getting at the real deal:

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