Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Calling all God-believers: Pray for a 23 hour day.

I wonder if we can get the help of Christians, Jews and Muslims to do a little prayer work?  If they call on their God to spin the Earth a tad faster and give us a 23 hour day, we might be able to solve our global warming problem in short order.

I hope I've figured it out correctly... I'm thinking that a 23 hour day will yield a cooling effect on the atmosphere. (I'd hate to get it wrong and make things worse - so help me out her if I'm screwed up.)

But what about about it prayer people?  You're hooked into the main man.  Get us the "spin" we need and a few months of shorter days, 23 hour days.  Let's see if that will help us all out of a jam.

(... or give up your wacko ideas about gods and prayer and sell that gas guzzling SUV.) 

.Calling all God-believers: Pray for a 23 hour day.

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