Saturday, August 22, 2009

What's wrong with religion anyhow...

What's so wrong with religion anyhow...? (LOL. That's a good one.)

What's so wrong with religion in addition to being based on lies, half-truths, faulty presuppositions and nonsense...? Everything (or just about everything.)

Religion is a political system (That's right. It's a political system...) with all the possible trappings of the worst totalitarian autocracy imaginable. We've seen oodles of historic evidence for the potential of the top-down tyrannical nightmares of religious systems throughout history. There is no doubt about the truth of this. Take any example of society, large or small, modern or ancient, and the ills of religion can be easily identified within it. From the fall of the Roman Empire to the witch hunts of Salem, religion has left its mark as a governing system capable of wielding Hell on Earth.

Wherever there is the potential for an unchecked leadership to prosper, for leadership based on nothing of the people or of reason but rather only upon an imposition over the people, religion is either directly at the helm or it looms nearby to pave the way or fill-in the wake. By all that's reasonable, it, religion, must be stopped cold.

Waco Texas and the Branch Dravidian cult comes quickly to mind right along with the Spanish Inquisition and the Taliban of Afghanistan. The identifiable leadership from any these historic episodes of our human adventure were obviously wrong... but why?

The answer is quite simple: They were wrong because they were allowed to rule from positions of undeserved authority - they were wrong for assuming the right to rule un-questioned for no better reason than saying they'd been chosen by some sort of divine non-reality. and the people they ruled over were even more wrong for allowing it. Only a Royal bloodline sets as ridiculously preposterous an example of undeserved authority. This kind of thinking and this kind of activity must end worldwide.

I call upon people of better judgment to move to the forefront of representative government and place strong legal barriers in the way of religion. While I see no harm in an individuals right to believe as he may (supporting each individual's unwritten birthright to self-determined stupidity if he so chooses) I take a very strong stance against neighbor leading neighbor astray of his reason by touting self-given religious authority. We must strengthen our laws against fraud, deception and con-artistry to include strict restraints upon religious leaders at all levels. No more can we trust in God to do the work of man. God hasn't been minding the store.

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