Monday, August 24, 2009

The new "Church of the America People"

The new "Church of the America People"

It doesn't take a whole lot of vision to see that traditional religions will eventually fall away in the US just as they've done in Europe. But different than in Europe, that's gunna put a glut of empty small to medium sized church buildings on the block.

Should atheist groups start socking away cash today to be ready to buy tomorrow? You bet we should.

Like it or not, the freethinking groups and skeptic societies we're busy assembling in public library meeting rooms today will be moving into the abandon church buildings tomorrow; moreover, we'll be filling in the gaps and performing many of the same services left adrift by the churches when they finally draw their last breath. Marriage ceremonies, birth celebrations, funerals and rites recognizing the coming of age of our youngsters will all certainly still be a part of our American culture. And who will be the leaders of the band...? Atheists.

The Unitarian Universalist churches are already in full swing. They'll possibly become more popular as the next decade passes - time will tell - and I suspect we'll also be seeing a trend in the currently popular god-based religious sects toward leaving their Gods more and more out of the picture to become more secular just as the UU churches are doing today. And make no mistake about it... a big double-handful of brand new atheist centers and godless community groups will also be out there growing members, popping up more and more and moving into former failed churches, to become the next generation "Church of the American People".

So... should we figure on buying a church building? You bet we should.

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