Saturday, August 22, 2009

God Graffiti

God Graffiti.

I've just returned from a driving trip through St Louis and Chicago... and guess what's on my mind? "God graffiti". It's everywhere.

Honestly, I'm darn near ready to do some spray painting of my own... better yet, I'm about ready to ask to use the church restroom and then scribble "Jesus Saves" all over the walls.

The legitimate church signs, billboards, giant crosses and such, are eyesores enough for a non-believer like me. They already litter the roadsides and neighborhoods like crazy. Do god-believers really have to add to the mix by spray painting "Trust Jesus" on every overpass and retaining wall? It's disgusting!

Cities and states across the nation are spending millions of dollars to keep up with the removal of this sort of thing. I take it that even Christians are unhappy about paying whatever costs are being tacked on to our taxes. They don't like "Christian Graffiti" any more than I do.

So... all of that brings to mind another kind of graffiti, a government sponsored kind.

When the heck is congress going to act to get rid of the stupid "God Graffiti" that's being printed on all our money? Hmmm... when Hell freezes over, I guess.

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