Saturday, August 22, 2009

Taste of Reality Picnics

Plan "A Taste of reality picnic" for your group.

Can you picture a couple of charcoal grills covered with hotdogs, cooking to perfection? Now add some yellow mustard, some chopped onions and relish, a pickle, a tomato slice and a finely measured sprinkle of celery salt and, there, you have it - the perfect hotdog... Let's make a few billion of them this fall.

But let's add a little taste of reality to each swallow, okay?

Can you picture a public park smack dab in the center of town... or a busy street corner? And can you picture your atheist group gathered there to meet and greet passers-by? Can you also picture a few carefully written well placed "in your face" signs?

And how about some lemonade? It's a tad bitter but it's refreshing.

Doesn't this sound like a terrific way to spend a fall afternoon?

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