Friday, May 14, 2010

What if we're the the gods?

Since there is actually no one (other than ourselves) to say we aren't gods, why not claim the post?  Humans are by far the highest level beings anywhere to be found on Earth and its a good bet we have no equals in our small part of the universe.  So why not?  Why not simply decide once and for all that we are the gods and there are no others.

I know, for example, without any hesitations at all that I'm a morally better god than Allah and the god of Abraham.  I'm not in favor of subjugating or beheading infidels or genital mutilation, and I certainly have no stomach for flooding the world to rid it of whatever.  Since I'm not a fan of slavery as Jesus was, I'd say I'm probably a better god than him.  And as for honesty... you won't hear me making any promises of rags to riches favors just for following my advice and neither will I promise anyone life after death.  Those notions just preposterous.

So what about it?  What do you think?  Are we or are we not the only gods around?  (I think we are.)  And if so, what grand design should we all work on together for our own good?

. What if we're the the gods?

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