Thursday, May 27, 2010

The bottom line...

There's something, a general lesson, which must be learned by theists.  And it's a simple enough something that they ought to be able to catch on pretty easily.  It's this: What God wants an what God thinks and what God needs doesn't count.

When a preacher, a politician or anyone speaks of what God wants, there is actually no telling by anyone that what he said is true; and, in any case, it really doesn't matter either way.  Here's an example:  If someone claims that God wants everyone to drink more water, that claim can be questioned for its validity.  Is it true or false?  The fact is that nobody can actually know one way or the other.  Whoever made the claim simple drew his conclusion out of thin air.  He didn't actually get a "message" from God, did he?  And here's the kicker: If everyone did or didn't drink more water, what difference would it make to the price of tea? ... None.

What God wants and what God thinks doesn't make a bean's worth of difference upon reality.  God's desires are only what someone says they are. And the price of a cup of tea will always be the price of a cup of tea regardless of what anyone says God wants.

The bottom line is this... theists must learn and accept the fact that what God wants, thinks and needs is just somebody's made up opinion and opinions (especially on what God wants) are a dime a dozen.  They simply don't count for anything.

.The bottom line...   

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